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What do you think of Sirius and XM together?

I really dislike XM. I'm only 12, but I seriously miss the normal 60s and 70s channels. You can never understand "Wolfman Jack" and his jingles are like 6 minutes long! If you ask me, I wish they didn't merge. Sure I love having Tom Petty and Bob Dylan. But it's better having Cousin Brucie, Pat St. John, and Bill Rock back on 60s

So what do you think?

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    As I'm reading comments from different questions being asked about this, it really depends on what kind of music you listen to. I listen to the Urban and Spanish parts of XM, and the merger killed both areas!! They have NO classic hip hop station WHATSOEVER! The Shady radio station sucks. There used to be four different Spanish stations (Pop, Mexican regional, Spanish Oldies and Salsa), and now they merged them ALL in one station!!!

    Very disappointed

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    well i just like the new ala carte package that they offer after the merger but they kept all of my stations i liked so it doesnt effect me much, although if sirius hits one got taken away b/c of the merger i would be pissed about it. so i understand if it angers you.

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