How can we engage more people in the republican process?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Abandon ideology and pick up your ideals. The difference is flexibility. Smaller government is generally better than bigger government, but there's a bell curve to that. If you always make the government smaller, it will eventually be too small to function, and then we have anarchy. Instead of always pushing for smaller government under any circumstances, try for "small enough government".

    Fiscal Responsibility. Honestly, this is why I voted Dem in the last few elections- they've been more responsible with money than Republicans have lately. I know that it's part of your platform, but I haven't seen you living up to it at all.

    Stop being a puppet for the church. I mean it, and I'm a christian. There is never a reason to trust a minister who's got political ambitions. Jesus was quite clear that his kingdom was not of this earth, and I find it dispicable the way people have been trying to force our beliefs on others. Bibles are for reading, not for thumping; and certainly not for legislating. Besides, it just makes you look really hypocritical whenever a Republican does get into trouble- Larry Craig. And why exactly is it that Republicans never seem to get caught with women? It's not that big a deal, but maybe you should consider easing up on your stance against Gay rights.

    Most importantly to me, find something that you can stand for. All I've seen from Republicans over the last decade has been opposition. Opposition to Democrats, stem cell research, abortion, gay marriage, immigration, taxes, "terrorism", euthanasia... Even if those are all things that you firmly believe need to go, I don't see what Republicans bring to the table. What's something positive that you intend to create?

    And thank you for asking.

  • 1 decade ago

    The last 8 years and the last election both show the soft underbelly and how narrow the republicans party has become.

    The minorities and legal immigrants view the party as a white-only party, they view the GOP as hostile to their interest, and by this i am not talking about mexicans but people from all nations.

    You just need to look at the crowd at MCcain's rallies and listen to the conservative talk radios.

    In america we should be ashamed of ridiculing muslims or someone who is Hussen or Muhammed etc. It is totally opposite of what our founding fathers preached and the spirit of the constitution.

    If the GOP move closer to the spirit of the constitution especially as it has to do with "all men are created equal", then we will see a broader appeal of the GOP.

    I will predict that this may not happen for another decade or more

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    1 decade ago

    Flood the US with immigrants from non-third world countries.

    As long as most immigrants need financial assistance, the democrats will get more power.

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