What would you do, If you felt worthless?

If bad things happened to you in your life, and they really have screwed you for what is seems like your whole life. Your 'friends' aren't really your friends, you actually have no family, you suck at your job, you have no one to spend christmas with this year. You just feel so broken and empty and have done for a long time. Anyway what would you do? how would you be feeling?

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    Hi vic, I'm having one of those days too. I feel really disconnected. But I'm here, trying to help others. So I can get out of my own head and do something useful for others. Changing our lives is what it is really all about, not changing others. It is how we perseve what is going on in our lives.You said your friends are not really friends, but what you havent realised is that you have just learnt something really valuable. What morals and skills you would like new friends to have and how you want to be treated. Christmas is a time for giving, I wonder are you looking to take or give. It is a big world out there, and you fit in there somewhere, is there somewhere that may need a hand of Christmas giving meals or such.

    We do get broken and empty, but we are allowed to recover, and change and be happy. Sometimes it is not even our fault we feel this way. In some people there bodies don't make enough chemicals, (just like a diabetic) to help there brain stabilise. When you have a high its huge, when we have a low it is so low we don't come back (I call it the black hole). Just like a diabetic, we too can find a medication from a professional that can help our bodies stabilise. Check with your doctor, they may be able to help. In anycase I'm glad you can type, see another skill, your not useless your just not feeling great. Ps Family is not always blood related, they just are people who we love to have in our lives.

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    That's sad and I'm sorry you feel that way. I would be depressed also. Since you've identified certain aspects of your past that have 'screwed' you up, you now know what to avoid or behaviors to not mimic from those who have hurt you. Be positive and possibly join a group or club that share similar interests you may have so you can get in with a social group. Just be yourself and you'll find companionship. Don't give up hope and just live everyday one day at a time.


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    I know exactly how you feel. All I can say to do is keep your head up and always think positive. Things always get better sooner or later. I think maybe a little later than we expect, but if you think negative, negative will come your way. Good luck!

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