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Question for Pilots please...?

What airline or company do u work for?

why you chose this career

what attracted you to the career

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  • Jonas
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    I'm not an airline pilot, but I am a private pilot and also have worked for the Boeing Company for 19 years. I have been flying ever since I was 15. I love working for Boeing. I am an Engineering Manager. I have always been interesting in airplanes, how they fly, and how to make flight better. I receive designs/plans for jets, look over them with other managers, revise and improve them, and submit them to corporate. If they approve of them, we will make changes to our models, and test them in wind tunnels to make sure they are the best they can be. We also have to make sure everything will run the way we intended it to. If you are familiar with it, this is what happened in the Boeing 787's "Power On." This is only with developing aircraft, such as the 787 and the 747-8. Boeing pays very well, has great benefits, and I love the environment.

    As for the pilot part, I owned a Cessna 172 Skyhawk for 13 years, and I recently sold it and bought a Cirrus SR 20. I also own a Bombardier 45 Learjet that i bought with my brothers 3 years ago. I am also qualified to fly that. I have a private pilot's license, and can fly multi-engines. I learned to fly when I was 15 on my dad's 172 Skyhawk. I got my license when i was 17, and have kept it up ever since. It's a really fun hobby, and i would advise anyone who has an interest in flight to get out there and do it!

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    I agree with one of the other posts - who I work for is not something I am likely to disclose on this board....

    I will say, it's great to get paid to do something that I would do for free. And, as to why I do it, I love flying, and I really like the idea that something I love could help others in some way..

    What attracted me to the career? I guess you'd say it was the time I spent with my Dad as a kid. We used to go flying on Saturdays when I was a young boy. Loved it. He was an Air Force fighter pilot, and told me lots of stories about missions over Korea, and other places.

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    Most pilots are not going to say who they work for on an internet message board. We just would prefer to keep that private. Of course it doesn't really matter, as every pilot probably works in a different place. I loved flying since I was a kid, and could never imagine doing anything else. That's what attracted me to the career.

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    Jonas: You're a private pilot with a multi-rating and you're "qualified to fly" a Lear 45? I doubt that you're insurable. What exactly are you saying? I have yet to meet a Lear 45 pilot who refers to the airplane as a "Bombardier 45 Learjet". Whatever. Welcome to the ranks of Jet Pilots.

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