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what are some really awesome things to do in canada?

me and 2 of my friends were going to go to cancun for senior week but its getting a little expensive, and we live in PA so we decided on a road trip to Canada. We definitely want to see Niagra Falls, and go to Quebec also. What are some fun things to do/see?

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    Get some pancakes, if all you did was get pancakes the trip would be worth it, that's how kickass they are.

    No, but seriously you should go to Toronto, there's a bunch to do there. There's the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, HTO Park which is an artificial beach, you can visit the parliament building in Quebec City or in Ottowata, also there is a theme park near Toronto called "Canada's Wonderland", here is a link about it,

    There is also the Toronto Eaton Centre, which is the largest shopping mall in eastern Canada. There is the hockey hall of fame. You can catch a Toronto Argonauts game, which is a football team. Toronto City Hall, University of Toronto, and the Union Station are all places to see in Toronto.

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    And Canada isn't capitalist? you would be able to discover on shifting that besides the healthcare gadget and the enviable banking regulation (we had comparable regulatory structures that have been dismantled via the in basic terms right wing over the final 30 years) that the worldwide places are very comparable. Canada is a stunning united states usual, rather captivating for the main area. turn away may be the taxes (and in case you hold your American citizenship, which you're able to, you get 2 contraptions of taxes) however the severe taxes pay for the healthcare, so its properly worth it.

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    i've to CANADA once.. went here with my grandpa last year for fishing.. (big @ss pike and Wallie) drank alot of beer

    for you, i would say it's a vacation and just have some fun.. go to local stores/restaraunts.. your in a new place so go explore and just kick back and have some fun.

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    hiking fishing .boating golfing old places like lost villages

    niagara falls.

    wonderland to top it all of its the most cleanest place in this world and the scenery we do have trees here no smog

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