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.used to enjoy eating fish very much,but now i get very very sick to my stomach.I get fever, diarrhea,nausea, vomit ting,I would have to get admitted to hospital.All they tell me that its just a virus.I really miss eating it.doesnt matter what kind, ill be sick. Does anyone else gets sick like i do? Or does anyone know why? My doctor doesnt know why,that it has to do with me not washing hands,thats dumb, of course i wash my hands.

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    You have probably developed an allergy to fish through consuming so much. Or you could just be getting fish that has a high mercury/ lead content, tuna is one of the worst for this. See an allergist and let them know what is going on, if you don't want to see another doctor try taking a fish oil vitamin. If the vitamin makes you sick with the same symptoms then you are probably allergic which means no more fish :( Good luck.

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    some people after being exposed to stuff for a very long time develop an allergy to it... maybe thats what happened? idk.

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