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Easy And Simple But Cute Hairstyles?

ok so im tired of always doing the same hairstyles so what are some really easy and simple but CUTE hairstyles i can do for school? :] dont say curl it because i already do that.


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    OK, I hope you are ready for this cause I have a Lot, I am Partial to the “Bob” Style, so I will Start with that, But not limited to that. Now these Yahoo Groups have Photo’s, and Links to other sites or Groups and some of these Yahoo Groups may also have video files

    Try These Bob Styles in These Pics, You can see many on These Pics in this Yahoo Group

    Here are some samples of the Pics in this Group.

    Now if you like even shorter hairstyles, try this Yahoo Group for

    Women with ultra short hairstyles or bob cuts. This is a yahoo Group for that

    This Particular Yahoo Group is for Women This is for women’s head hairstyles only, with short being above the ears, but not totally bald.

    Short hair can also be slicked down or Buzzed really short - like a Butch, Crew cut, Brush cut or Flattop.

    Now, For a Change here, going to opposite direction, Try These Yahoo groups For Long hairstyles.

    If You are an admirer of really Long Hairstyles, You might like this Yahoo Group

    And this Group, Silky Long Hair Styles, This Yahoo Group

    has Pic’s and Links to Sites for that look

    Now This Yahoo Group is a Variety

    This group is dedicated to beautiful women with beautiful hair whether it's long, short, curly, straight, updo, down, ponytail, pigtails, braided, greased, wet, shampooed, in rollers, under a hat, blonde ,brunette or redhead.

    This is not just another group about hairstyles. It is about beautiful women with beautiful hair.

    While there is a sensuous nature to beautiful hair this is not an Adult group despite the classification by Yahoo., You can see this Group here at this Link

    If You Like Strange alternative Hairstyles This Yahoo Group may prove interesting.

    These Yahoo Groups are for Women who Like the Slicked “Wet Look”

    these Groups are :

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    Works on:

    • Medium or long hair

    • Dirty hair (Freshly washed? Add a small amount of styling cream or lotion to reduce flyaway)

    Stuff to have handy:

    • Headband

    • Comb

    • Hair elastic

    • Clip (to hold hair out of the way)

    Step 1

    Divide hair from ear to ear over the top of your head. Clip that front section out of the way.

    Step 2

    At the crown of your head, take a two-inch section of the remaining hair and tease the area near your scalp to create the bouffant behind the headband. Messy is fine; we're about to cover it up anyway.

    Step 3

    Un-clip the front section and smooth it back over the teased area, gathering all your hair into a low pony. Reserve a one-inch section of your longest hair and secure the rest with an elastic.

    Step 4

    Wrap the reserved hair around the hair elastic and secure underneath with a bobby pin.

    Step 5

    Slip on a headband.

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    brush the front half of your hair back and put it in a ponytail. leave the rest hanging down. a hairstyle that seems to be quite liked at my school is putting it in two pony tails and leaving about an inch in the front hanging down on both sides of your face

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    -back comb your hair, have it half up

    -back comb and put a cute headband in

    -put your hair in a messy bun

    -make to sections of hair and plait it only halfway

    -french braid from one side of your head to the other

    -side ponytail

    -two pont tails at the back of your head

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    wear a side bang with

    a little hair pinned in a hump @ top of yur head

    wear half ponytail w/ hair straight.

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    simple quiff like this:

    pigtails. low pigtails like beside ur ears.

    side ponytail

    half up and half down like this:

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    side ponytail/pin up the side that falls out.

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    Just have it cut w/ layers and side-bangs.

    Hope this helps

    SweetPea ^-^

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