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Could he be a drug addict? What happened?

About 4 weeks ago, my spouse of six months, experienced a miscarriage. Our relationship was going very fast and we were trying to get to know each other. The day of the miscarriage, he did not call me or come to the hospital. Although he is bipolar, I only seen and spoke to him once since the miscarriage. He just left me with no explanation...GONE. Could this be the behavior of someone who has relapsed and on serious drugs? Our relationship was new. What happened????? Hes 40 and im 27.

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    I'm confused, who had the miscarriage? and who was in the hospital?

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    Could it be that he was staying with you because you were pregnant? If that was the case then you are better off to find out now, and move on with your life. Find someone that loves you and then think about having kids after more time has passed. You and your children will be better off in the long run!

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