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Sometimes I really dislike white American people?

mainly rich white people. Is that really terrible or is this normal? All my neighbors are foreign including my husband. My 3 year old son is best friends with a little Hispanic girl that I just love. I'm comfortable hanging with foreign people, poorer people, etc. Is it normal to feel most comfortable with people you relate to and that are in the same boat financially?


When I see little white American children I just get insecure and then I don't like them. Sometimes little white American boys have these really feminine haircuts and sweater vests and clothes that look different.

Update 2:

And I'm white American so it really doesn't make any sense!

Update 3:

I phrased the question wrong. It's not that I dislike them. I just feel insecure around them.

Update 4:

Megan r.- 2 of my closest friends are black. That's another thing sometimes find black people more pleasant than white people. I know what you mean about some attitudes. I saw a black woman arguing loudly on her cell phone in Giant today like she needed an audience.

Update 5:

My husband knows that I favor black people over white people. I just wonder why I don't relate to my OWN PEOPLE.

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    Maybe you got a bad impression of "white people". I understand I feel insecure around rich people because I'm not. I feel like they look down on me and a lot do. I get looks from a woman that works where I do. She wears "fashionable, golf-like" clothes with sweaters around her neck and her hair all done up. She looks at me like she's so much better than me.

    I know deep down I'm no better than anyone, yet no less either. I have friends that are rich, middle class, and poor. I don't let that one woman pursuade my impression of "white people".

    I have friends of all races as well. I don't judge anyone until I know them very well and see their true character.

    I figure you're just feeling insecure around rich people because you may not be rich like them. They dress differently than you, they talk different. They aren't sociable in the same way as you.

    I feel these things too, but I put them past me to have friends and to be social and part of the world.

    There's nothing wrong with what you're feeling.

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    hmmm...well I find I feel comfortable around anybody that feels comfortable around me, and I've noticed black ppl do seem a little more friendly, and less stand-offish. and I'm a white girl too. I did however grow up in an urban area and went to a mostly black high school and elementary and middle school. Could it be you're just more used to being around non-white people/ or did you grow up around a lot of whites, but they happened in the past like at school, to reject you?

    although I do find the sentence "when I see little american children I just get insecure and then I don't like them" DOES seem kind of strange. I mean they're just children, after all. and as for their style, well they can'tt help how their parents dress them! although I do find it interesting you mention this, perhaps it's just a cultural thing? you're just used to how you dress your son, with the cultural influence of your foreign husband, so that's why you find it strange. But you do sound awfully critical of your own "race" (though I really dislike that word). And also maybe a bit ashamed, like you don't want to be white or you think it's "uncool".

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    Well, I am not sure if you don't like American people but you are just more comfortable hanging around Foreign people and that's ok but don't say you don't like white people especially if you have never made any effort either.

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    i can kinda relate with you, but it's about me feeling weird with black people.

    i'm not racist, because i have a few black friends. my situation is only with blacks. most of them have attitude issues and it just drives me insane. the kinds that i don't like are extremely loud, yelling across the freakin' wal-mart store having a conversation, instead of walking up to them and chatting. nobody else wants to hear what they're talking about. it's like they act like they're better than other people and they think we wanna put up with them, and ugh. $%#$^$#@$% lol.

    i don't really like the thought of rich people because their stereotype makes them seem like they're stuck up and all that jazz.

    i think your situation is normal, and i hope i didn't offend anyone. :P

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