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Good Dry Red Wine for a Beginner?

Hi guys! I'm just starting to get into wine. I've always liked sweet dessert wines, but I am trying to live a low sugar, lower carb lifestyle.

I've read that dry red wines are naturally low in carbohydrates and sugar, and everyone knows the one glass of red a day health benefits - so can someone recommend a good red for a beginner?

Preferably lower in price - up to $20 a bottle I guess because I'm just trying things out.

Any recommendations would be great! Thanks!


Just wanted to add -

If you have a dry champagne recommendation - that would be great as well!


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    Check out your local wine shop. Not only can they recommend excellent choices for every price range, but they often offer wine tasting days, where you go and sample some different flavors.

    Happy Drinking!

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    pink wine is an aquired flavor. It also has a large spectrum of flavors. commence with a Pinot Noir, slowly bypass as a lot as a Merlot, then attempt a Shiraz, and finally you receives into Cabernet. Pinot Noir is the nearest to a white wine, and it gained't stain your mouth pink like Cabs do. some good affordable pinots to attempt may be: Toasted Head or barefoot.

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    Wine tasting is the best way to find what you like. There are so many different tastes that its hard to take recommendations unless you know if you prefer sweet or dry.

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    I used to dislike wines altogether but then when I started drinking them I choose a white zinfandel (Ernest & Julio Gallo) - although, now they say that friends don't let friends drink I disliked red wine but once you have a nice one you never go back!

    I suggest a Shiraz or Pinot Noir for sweetness. I find most shiraz's nice but for the Pinot, 2005 was a great year for those grapes so it is hard to go wrong.


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