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In Young and Restless what does anybody think?

Does anybody think that it will come out that Chloe's baby is actually Billy's and not Cane's baby? I wish it would as I think that Cane and Lilly should get back together.

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    I totally agree with FullofQ's answer. Thats exactly how it will play out, most likely. Cain will fall for Chloe (most likely during this situation with Kay, where Chloe seems to actually have a heart). Billy and Lily will hook up and fall in love....then the truth will come out, and Chloe will want Billy. I dont think Billy will be able to keep it a secret, he seems really bothered by the situation, and I think it will be worse once he sees the baby. I just dont see how it will ever be able to be proved...the DNA teast already proved that Cain is 99% the father, because him and Billy are brothers. So how will they ever know for certain who fathered the child....well I mean Chloe KNOWS is wasnt Cain...but how can anyone else prove that!?

    I am just as interested to see how the situation with Nick/Sharon play out. I KNEW Phyllis was going to see something in Paris...that was awesome!! I thought she'd walk on them doing it or something, but I'm sure she thinks that happened anyway. I cant wait till she tells Jack and they confront them! I like Phyllis, but Ive been a Nick/Sharon fan for years and years!! They are a beautiful couple.

    And, where the heck is Kay!!? Its obvious Marge is the one who died in the crash...but where is Kay? Does she want everyone to think she is dead and is hiding out? Was her body thrown from the car and no one found her??

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    I'm pretty sure that it is Billy's baby. When Cane and Chloe went to that first sonogram, Chloe asked about the conception date and was not happy with the results. She asked if she could keep it from the father, which the nurse agreed to. I don't think that Cane and Lilly will get back together, though, at least not for a while. Lilly can't wait forever, and Cane is more focused on his professional life and his life as a future father. Even though Chloe's baby may not be his, chances are it will come to know Cane as his real father.

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    I have a feeling that either Billy or Chloe will slip up. It maybe after the baby is born. Billy may end up having a problem with Cane raising his baby, or if it come when it is supposed to Cane may start wondering if the doctors have no problem with the baby being born a month early. Chloe can't hide her feeling for Billy to well so Cane may pick up on that. I hope Cane and Lily get back together.

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    I don't like Chloe with Cane. I hope Billy finds out soon that the baby is his. Maybe Chloe will get jealous of him & Lilly & let the cat out of the bag.

    Cane belongs with Lilly.

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    I'm predicting that Chloe will have the baby and Cane will think it's his for awhile. I think he'll eventually come to love Chloe. Something will happen where it's proved to be Billy's baby AFTER Billy and Lilly hook up. THEN, Chloe's come between Lilly and two of her men!

    That's what I'm waiting on, but who really knows for sure! :-)

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    I think that the baby is Billy's. It's not Cane's cuz they didn't even sleep together; she's the only one who said that and Cane doesn't remember anyway cuz they were "drunk". I agree with you, I want Cane and Lilly back together.

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    of course the baby is Billys, b/c when the DNA test came back it was 99% positive it was a match, b/c Billy and Cane are brothers..

    it will probably be one of those store lines where yrs later the child needs an operation and a family member has to donate something and thats how it comes out..

    I liked Cane and Lily together, and I think its disgusting that Colleen was with Daniel, her best friend ex-husband.. all these soap operas and their sloppy seconds, women dont do that, they dont go after their friends leftoverslll

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    Yeah I strongly agree with you. Have you seen the Soap Digest commercial? It showed Lily's face and it had surprise wedding(i wondering does that have anything to do with Cane) and I have a feeling that Chloe is going to lose that baby. Hey, but the cream come to the top!!! LOL

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    Yes, I am sure that the baby is Billy's. Especially since Cane and Chloe never slept together. I am ready for her to fall on her face. I HATE the way that she talks to Ester. She is a golddigger to the 10th power!!

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    yes everybody's been saying that it's billy's baby for along time now. chloe is still in love with billy. she only wanted cane for his money. but, she didn't know that cane was billy's brother. i don't like lily but she should be with cane not billy.

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