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Julius Caesar Act II questions?

1. What are the flaws in the Conspirator’s plans? Who or what have they underestimated or overlooked?

2. In Scene ii, Caesar says, “Cowards die many times before their deaths;/The valiant never taste of death but once.” Explain what you think this famous line means, and then discuss the truth of the statement.

3. Many people warn Caesar against going to the Capitol on March 15. What do you think is the main reason Caesar decides to go despite all the warnings? Use the evidence from both Acts I and II to support your response.

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    If I remember at this point they (brutus) has chosen to spare antony's life. and they have no plan for octavius.

    it means just what it says. Cowards are dead inside, and they may die socially as well. It really means what it says.

    his pride. And the ABOVE QUOTE. He trusts brutus, and the senators.

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    Hehe, we're doing the Julius Caesar in my English class too.

    My short answers:

    1. The Plebeians, or the middle class.

    ~later they riot.

    2. A bit harder. >< In context, Caesar believed that only honorable men truly live. Cowards give up, therefore they lose part of themselves and their lives every time they do. Honorable men don't die in life, but rather only die when they're really dead.

    3. A bunch of people convinced him it was okay. Decius Brutus told him that his wife's dream was a good sign, for example, when it was really a sign towards Caesar's assassination.

    ~ Your worksheet/questions are different than mine. Hope that helped at least.

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    i'm uncertain on the 1st one, yet i comprehend that for the 2nd: Brutus had a deep affection with Caesar yet as a results of fact he cared plenty approximately Rome and have self assurance Caesar became growing to be to be too helpful and grasping, he became prepared to sacrafice his chum. i can't remember what Portia instructed Brutus; i circulate off the precise of my head here.

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