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What do you think of this... also, add your scariest experiences as well!?

Just wondering what all of your scariest moments or experiences in your entire life have been so far, here's mine:

One night, about 3am, my bedroom door closed and locked, the knob starts turning slowly, then after a while, it got more frantic. I was obviously freaked, so i tried to ignore it. But a minute or two after i thought it was over and that it had been my imagination, someone starts slamming on the door and trying to knock it down. After a while, it stopped, and it went away for about an hour. Then, with my door still locked, and closed, my door opened slowly, and nothing was there. Immediately I went into my parents room where the only other people in my house were at. Parents sleeping, dog sleeping... no one had moved. I still don't know what it was to this day.

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    I was just getting back into bed after letting the dogs out to pee.

    I wasn't even laying down yet when this thin, white being walked through my wall and into the room. My Hunny was woke up briefly and looked up... the being told her "shhh" and she went back to sleep... the dogs both growled at it but it waved hand and they just went to sleep... and I said "what the he** do you want?" and it said "to kill you if I can."

    I woke up the next morning very very very sick.

    Other than that... the only really scarey thing that's happened to me is a Schitzophrenic thought I was making his sister plot against him and he chased me a mile or so with an axe. *shrug*

    hope that helped!

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    Simple I tell the ghost to leaves me alone. You do the same! Ghosts are people without body

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    wow the scariest thing that happend to me was learning that global warming is gona kill the poler bears!

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