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Should I go see a doctor and what kind of eye doctor should I go see?

I don't think my eyes match. It seems like one is normal but the other one is slanted downward. It makes me look crazy. Every time I ask family and friends about it, they swear nothing is wrong. I just think they are trying to be polite. But, I don't want to waste my money and be embarrassed if I go to an optometrist and there's nothing that they can do. Is what I described a condition or is it just like having a big nose? Is there anything to correct it? Keep in mind that the eyes are in focus but the shape is messed up. I added a picture so if there is a doctor or a nurse on here you can hopefully help me.

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    I can't really see your picture that well, but from what you're describing, it could possibly be a muscle balance problem. It is possible to correct this with eye exercises, special lenses in your glasses with prisms, or sometimes surgery. You should see an ophthalmologist, not an optometrist because an ophthalmologist is an actual M.D., and if you go to an optometrist, they would just refer you to an ophthalmolgist anyway.

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