How can I make money as a poor college student in serious debt?

I'm living on my own and my parents aren't paying for school. I live in the Toledo, OH area and was originally from Monroe, MI so jobs around here are hard to find. Even when you can find them, they only pay 7 dollars per hour and they don't give you enough hours (not that I can take them anyway, being a full time student).

I did work one of those jobs at one point, and after rent was paid I still didn't have enough to pay my other bills, so it seemed a bit fruitless. Now I'm living off of loans I know I won't be able to pay back, and I don't want to take out too much because I don't want to endanger my cosigner.

I'm in a lot of debt because of medical bills and some other things I probably shouldn't have done but seemed like a good idea at the time, like joining a sorority (not drugs or shopping or anything). I need to make money fast to get this stuff taken care of.

I don't want to whore myself out, and I've thought about selling drugs, but I'd rather do something a little more rewarding and... legal?

My house has no heat and there are roaches in it and the landlord won't do anything about it. My life is ****. Thanks for putting up with my bitching, I don't mean to do it.

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    you should sell your belongings on craigslist or offer them to your friends. You can also try being a gogo dancer at clubs (if there are any) or you can collect cans and recyclables. You should go to churches or other places where you can get food (and that should spare you some money)...other than that I say dont do the drug thing ever..imagine if u get caught? that will hurt your chances of getting a good job since you are pursuing a degree. Also, talk to your intructors and let them know that you can clean their homes, wash their cars, etc and they should have some jobs available.....

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    Your budget is like a bag with two ends. At one end, money goes in, at the other end, money goes out. You can increase the contents of the money in the bag in two ways-- increase your inflow our decrease your outflow. Learn budgeting, including savings and why you need to put a bit aside each week no matter how little you make. Check out this web site:

    Live at your parents, be frugal and live on a budget, work part time (yes even minimum wage jobs help but high end waitressing like cocktail waitressing can be lucrative), go to a state school, get financial aid, major in something that will pay off. Wear long underwear, use an electric blanket, eat cheap, and put out roach prufe.

    You are young. It seems like nothing will ever come but if you are a good steward, it will.

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    A friend of mine got married over the summer for $100. They had a small guest list (less than 50), she wore a white dress from a department store and he wore a suit he already owned. She had a small bouquet, and a lot of the other flowers were planted in the spring to be used in the wedding specifically. For reception food, it was literally pot luck. Everyone was asked to bring a dish and the day overflowed with love. That's just an idea in case you feel funny about having a wedding at a court house. It sounds to me like the only thing you will regret is not marrying each other ASAP, so go for it -- anyway you get married will be a happy ending.

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