HELP HELP....I love a girl and Im sure even she likes me....But I don't know how 2 ask her out.????????????

Hello people....Im an international student In USA.....i love an american girl in my class and she knows about it (one common friend told her that Im crazy abt her).....I have spoken to her a little bit....but not anything at length.....Even in class she always takes a sneek peak at me all the time.....I don't know what to do about the whole situation......Im more uncomfortable because my friend has told her that I have something for her....Im really crazy abt her....But simply stumped for words..........any help would be appreciated.....Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just ask her if she would like to study for the next exam or final together, or go out to get a bite to eat after class. Just the simplest thing because you don't want to scare her with this "love her" thing you're doing. It takes time for someone to fall for you at the level that you have fallen for her, so give her that time, and be patient.

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