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returning makeup? ?

I got makeup from MAC and it turns out im allergic, if I used it can I still return it if I have the receipt? It was an eyeshadow and mascara (but I also bought 3 other shadows that I gave to my friends since I can't use them, so do you think they will think I'm lying and that I just dont like the color or something?)

and it wasn't at a MAC store, it was at one of those mac stands in macy's.



windblown111, you are an idiot. :)

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    They probably won't take it back but you could try the worst thing that could happen is that they say no. They shouldn't think your lying becasue a lot of people are allergic to makeup.

    Good luck:)

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    A store would possibly not be allowed to take it back. You should call the MAC corporate office (there should be a number on the packaging) and let them know that you had an allergic reaction. They'll probably reimburse you in some way, but you won't get the full amount back.

    Next time, don't give away half of what you bought before trying to contest the purchase.

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    I think it depends on the store from where you bought it, some owners return things like that and some dont. Also if you are allergic to the makeup and if it doesnt say on the makeup that allergic reactions can happen. You can sue them, or tell them that reason when returning.

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    Yes ou can return make up to MAC. I returned mine before, but I doubt they will let you get the money back for the shadows you gave your friends. Make sure and tell them that you are allergic and they might be more than willing to do it because they feel bad or something!!

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  • I guess you could. If there is enough makeup left for re-sale then you probably could. MAC may sell cheap makeup. I never tried their makeup before but if you do have allergic reations to it or are just allergic to it, I would stay away from it. Next time, maybe try checking the label to see if your allergic to anything in it. Some people get SERIOUS allergic reations from it.

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    first. the mac stands in Macy's are not fake.

    second. typically since you used it and it's something that people apply to their body, they don't let you return..seeing as you were allergic i don't know how they will react. You can't lose any more money by asking if it's okay to return something though! might as well go to macy's and see if they will take it back..

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    For hygienic reasons off course they will not let you return the make up. After all how would they know how clean you are etc., no slight meant to you, but would you really buy second hand makeup?!!!!

    Next time try a sample, saves you a hell of a lot of money hun.

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    Any department store usually takes back make-up. I have purchased Lamcone make-up before and taken it back because it was the wrong shade for me. I believe the will definitely take back make-up if you are allergic and it broke you out. I would tell them the truth.

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    Call MAC's corporate offices or call the store and ask to speak to a manager to find out theur policies.

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    i think they will. i think u just don't tell them that u've put then on.

    some ppl won't accept it though

    so go to the person that looks nice

    and also they prob will since u have the receipt

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