What support would you like?

I'm thinking of starting a business offering support and workshops etc for busy parents in their own homes. I am thinking about doing courses on baby signing, nutrition and feeding and Child Safety and CPR. What other topics would be popular and would you use this service if it was available to you?

I have qualifications in childcare and would pursue other quals if needed.

I live in Australia, if that makes a difference.


I have a 10 month old myself so not so keen on cooking/cleaning for parents. I want stuff that they might need/want to know but dont have the time to do. I like the idea about going back to work support though!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i think (well in UK) there are alot of mums who would like to go back to work full time or part time. i would but i'm so concerned about where my baby is going and if she will be ok. plus the expense. my hubby went for an interview at this place and in their building they have a crehe. its designed for parents who want to work but still feel like they have a connection to their child so can check on them during breaks etc. i think training or guidnace specially for 1st time mums is needed in helping them get back into work if they want to. give them options of how they can do it.

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    I love the ideas you have in mind! Here are just some ideas that I personally would love

    help with breastfeeding

    cook for the new parents (they are exhausted and need someone to cook for them!)

    clean up around the house for the new parents (same reason as above)

    Run errands for them

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