I think my bus driver stole my ipod.?

I lost my Ipod Nano/Video on the bus and I still haven't found it. I'm only in middle school and can't afford another one. I'm afraid of 'what my parents may do when they find out I lost it. The problem is my driver found the headphones and no Ipod. I've reported it to the school several times and all they've told me is that It's not important enough. What should I do to find it. My bus driver is kind of scary (hood style) so I don't want to accuse him of stealing and then find out he didn't steal it.

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    1 decade ago
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    Maybe it was another kid. You should tell your parents,because they will be able to ehlp. But if you really dont want to then you should ask the kids all over your bus, and if none of them have it, ask the bus driver. Dont accse him be like 'You sure you dont have my ipod? Because my dad said if he found out anyone stole it he would ground me for like ever, and maybe even sue te stealer,' Or something, but look sad. .If he didnt ask him to make an announcement at school to reort it missing, and maybe earn some money for like a reward

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    Have a friend ask him since you already did.

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