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Does anybody know what T-pain song this is?

Where in a part of the song he is rapping very fast. The beat has a Jamaican feel to it kinda of a fast beat. I believe it is a new song.

Here is a list of songs that are not what I am talking about:


Can't believe it

I'm sprung


Beam Me Up

She Got It

Got Money

These are not the songs just to help you out.

Like I said he is rapping fast and has a reggae vibe to it. Another artist is also in it, but I don't know who it is.


lal l got it

This guy is the smarter of the bunch. The rest of you guys are not so smart.

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    okay i think I know exactly what your talking about. Its called "church". It was on a soundtrack for step up 2. Theres a video for it too.

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    Here are all of his new songs from his new album Th33 Ringz:

    1. T-Pain - Band New Show (1:04)

    2. T-Pain - Welcome to Thr33 Ringz Intro (1:27)

    3. T-Pain - Ringeader Man (2:56)

    4. T-Pain - Chopped ‘N’ Skrewed (Feat. Ludacris) (4:23)

    5. T-Pain - Take A Ride Skit (1:47)

    6. T-Pain - Freeze (Feat. Chris Brown) (3:38)

    7. T-Pain - Blowing Up (Feat. Ciara) (3:26)

    8. T-Pain - Cant Believe it (Feat. Lil’ Wayne) (4:35)

    9. T-Pain - It Aint Me (Feat. Akon & T.I.) (3:47)

    10. T-Pain - Feed the Lions Skit (1:30)

    11. T-Pain - Therapy (Feat. Kanye West) (3:36)

    12. T-Pain - Long Lap Dance (4:38)

    13. T-Pain - Lorraine Interlude (1:02)

    14. T-Pain - Reality Show (Feat. Musiq Soulchild, Raheem DeVaughn & Jay Lyriq) (4:29)

    15. T-Pain - Keep Going (2:16)

    16. T-Pain - Superstar Lady (Feat. Young Cash) (3:19)

    17. T-Pain - Change (Feat. Akon, Diddy, & Mary J. Blige) (5:11)

    18. T-Pain - Digital (Feat. Tay Dizm) (3:16)

    19. T-Pain - Karaoke (Feat. DJ Khaled) (4:11)

    20. T-Pain - Dracula Skit (0:40)

    21. T-Pain - Distorted (2:26)

    22. T-Pain - Bad Side (2:37)

    23. T-Pain - Phantom (3:36)

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    Might be Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown Feat. T-Pain

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    this may be it, but its an older song

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    since we're trying to help you, that makes us not smart? Hmm, that sounds, well, not smart haha.

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    perfect 20 Songs of summer 2007! one million - "whilst Did Your heart pass lacking" by utilising capacity of Rooney 2 - "hiya Delilah" by utilising capacity of user-friendly White T's 3 - "Makes Me ask your self" by utilising capacity of Maroon 5 4 - "with the aid of actuality of You" by utilising capacity of Ne-Yo 5 - "Wall to Wall" by utilising capacity of Chris Brown 6 - "women folk' determination" by utilising capacity of Zac Efron from Hairspray 7 - "shop on" by utilising capacity of Jonas Brothers 8 - Underclass Hero" by utilising capacity of Sum 40-one 9 - "woman chum" by utilising capacity of Avril Lavigne 10 - "by utilising no capacity decrease decrease back" by utilising capacity of Kelly Clarkson 11 - "Umbrella" by utilising capacity of Rihanna feat. Jay-Z 12 - "summer Love" by utilising capacity of Justin Timberlake 13 - "Jenny" by utilising capacity of the click 5 14 - "Push It" by utilising capacity of Corbin Bleu 15 - "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" by utilising capacity of Fall Out Boy sixteen - "clothing Off" by utilising capacity of fitness center type Heroes 17 - "U + Ur Hand" by utilising capacity of P!nk 18 - "that's no longer Over" by utilising capacity of Daughtry 19 - "First Time" by utilising capacity of Lifehouse 20 - "Lose It" (or yet yet another single from Band in a Bubble!) by utilising capacity of Cartel

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    well, some of the ones you dint mention are roll, shawty,elevator..................... idk

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