Makeup/skin stuff what brands?

I have extremely oily and sensitive skin. During the winter I am a bit pale with GOLD undertones. My face is so shiny and I have bags under my eyes. What would be a good and inexpensive brand of make up to use for the foundation/concealer?

At my school we have started PE and that means we have to wear shorts. I noticed that my legs are sort of chalky in some places because I shave everyday. Can somebody recommened a skin sensitive(maybe natural?) lotion I could use on them?

totally off topic: What are good stores for short junior jeans? I wear a size 3 short. I already go to pacsun and Delias. Thanks


not jean shorts. short JEANS like in petite. juniors sizes come in reg. short and long

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    1 decade ago
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    ok oily skin- either use the wave it is the best! or use oil free pink grape fruit acne treatment. its really good.. i have really sensitive skin and it helped..

    i use neutrogena mineral powder. you can also by it in liquid

    maybe try not to shave everyday.. but if you have to.. i would suggest buying some aveno body lotion..

    what about shopping in dillard's or something? they have really cute stuff

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    I have perfect skin (sorry, that sounds kinda bad.)

    but I use clean & clear overnight.

    Good luck!!

    And sorry, Idk about the shorts.

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