1956 buick maintence feedback ?

i posted a question yesterday with the same concern only now i have slimmed down my options..my driveway is going uphill and its parked upwards, this may be a problem, but i filled the tank halfway and i pour fuel into the carb a few times and let it settle then try starting it, its cranks then starts up for about a second or 2 then dies out..the fuel pump is rebuilt so i dotn think thats the case..i need soem advice/feedback whatever i can get, id really appreciate it.

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    replace all the fuel lines, i would also check the carburetor bowels as they may be gummed up and restricting the operation of the carburetor, make sure the timing is set correctly and that the distributor is tight as well as the cap

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    You have a fuel starvation problem. First disconnect the coil wire so it cannot start while you diagnose the fuel problem and then disconnect the fuel delivery line at the carburetor and crank the engine to see if fuel is being delivered to the carb. If it is then your problem is in the carb... probably the float bowl needle valve stuck closed. If there is no fuel being delivered to the carb then reconnect the fuel delivery line at the carburetor and disconnect the fuel delivery line at the inline filter and then crank the engine to see if fuel is being delivered to the filter. If it is then your problem is the filter and if it is not then your problem is either a bad fuel pump or a clogged line between the fuel pump and fuel tank... the sock in the fuel tank may be clogged with rust. To determine whether it is either a bad fuel pump or a clogged line between the fuel pump and fuel tank you should apply just a little air pressure in the fuel tank filler neck and see if fuel flows freely where the line connects to the fuel pump. If it flows freely then you have a bad fuel pump and if it does not flow freely then you have a clogged fuel line. If you find that the fuel line between the fuel pump and fuel tank is clogged you should apply compressed air pressure to the line where it connects to the fuel pump to force pressure backwards into the tank. Make sure the fuel filler cap is off when you do that. That will either blow off or burst the fuel sock in the tank. If that was the problem and if it gets you running then you will want to change that inline fuel filter more frequently than normal because it will become plugged with rust from the tank and you will want to remove that fuel tank as soon as possible and have it cleaned and replace the fuel sock. The foot of a nylon stocking makes an excellent fuel sock.

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    with a car of that age you most likely have rust in the fuel tank. Check any filters that you have in the lines.If you don't have any would be a good idea to install one right before the carb.If its a bit of trash stuck at the needle valve and you have a rubber hose somewhere between the pump and the carb. use a pair of vise grips to squeeze it shut and it will take 2 people, add a little fuel to the carb and have some one crank it and while its running take the grips loose, this will build a little pressure in the line and most times will force the trash from the needle valve.Some other good answers, just thought i would give you a little something to try that doesn't cost any thing and is not hard to do.

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    It sounds like it isn't getting fuel to the carb. Disconnect the fuel line at the carb and stuff it in to a bottle. Put the car in neutral and have a friend crank the engine for about 15 seconds and see how fuel is being pumped.

    If there is fuel being pumped into the bottle then it is a carb problem, like the float stuck closed.

    If there is no fuel then the rebuilt pump or the fuel filter(s) could be bad or clogged. Also the gas line could be clogged or kinked.

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    Sounds like a carb problem.

    Open the choke if it is closed.

    Look into the carb throat with a flashlight if it is dark.

    Push the throttle open fast a couple of times. You should see streams of gas squirting into the carb throat. If you don't, then there is probably no gas in the carb float chamber.

    I don't know where you got the carb, or who rebuilt it, but it has to be a gas problem if you have spark. Being uphill a small bit shouldn't affect it.

    Being this is a GM, was the little filter inside the carb housing changed? It's inside the fuel inlet nipple on the carb.

  • Otto
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    I would suggest replacing the fuel line all the way from the pickup tube in the tank to the connection to the carburetor. It is probably restricting the flow of fuel from being contaminated with sediment and rust.

  • Anonymous
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    if the gas is not reaching the carburator then maybe the gas filter is clogged or the needle valve is sticking in the carburator.

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