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What to do about my boyfriend's crazy EX?

He was broken up with her a few months before we started dating (in August)

We've been friends for years though (my boyfriend and myself,...I've never met her).

So, heard about me (through the grapevine), & she looked up my info

called me and some of my close friends

saying she was pregnant, &...etc (not true!)

and asked where I lived and hung out with him, etc... (like I would tell her,, ok, no!



now she's called recently saying she lost the baby (yeh right)

she's a meth/crackhead nowadays,...


yesterday she showed up at my boyfriend's house @ 3am, but he was asleep.

one of his roomates told her to go away, of course my boyfriend has already done that and it didn't work...obviously.

I know her 1st name and cell number, but that's it

My boyfriend, some friends, and her (unfortunately) live in a city an hour away (not together or anything that crazy)

His job is there & I don't/can't drive right now (random info).

I trust him 100%, but she is psycho!

What can I do???

I'm not sure the police would work, since my boyfriend and roomantes are having some legal issues (I don't want to discuss these issues, they are personal and embarassing to some degree)


given my circumstances, what would YOU do if you were me???

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    you and your friends should change your numbers. you should still go to the police and just explane a lady is harrassing you and your loved ones and file something explane you dont know her, just a friend of a friend and you need assistance. you dont have to mention your boyfriend or his friends just to keep everyone clear. your going to the police for you and your friends not your bf so dont worry about it. you're still telling them the main issue which is all they really want. they probably cant do much but the will scare the hell otta her which will also work lol.

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    searching on the interior of sight regulations, she would nicely be able to escape with this because it develop into in her own residence. The boyfriend can use the incident for extra custody hearings in divorce courtroom. only my opinion right here, yet keep your self and enable the ex-spouse have him. Now if you're courting it truly is only a foul inconvenience, even if it really is going to enhance in case you 2 get married or stay jointly. The son will continually be #a million -- no matter if you settle or no longer -- and for this reason boyfriend will continually be connected to the ex-spouse, no count number how loopy she acts. she will be in a position to make your existence jointly a F***n residing H**L. loopy ex-different halves have a tendency to act up round meal time, at vacation journeys, and once you & your guy pick to have a romantic evening. If she is pulling this now, what do you imagine she will be in a position to do in case you and him celebration. do not trust me, do an information superhighway search for on situations the position ex-spouse bodily attacked/killed her alternative.

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    Typically there is nothing you can do about a crazy ez, but move as far away as possible. But just lay your law down with your boyfriend and tell him it's not cool for her to do stuff like that. And it's taking a toll on your relationship, and if he wants to make it work he should man up. Or if all else fails, you can kick her ***

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    1) i would tell my boyfriend that she is harassing you and your friends, and calling you, and you aren't cool with that. don't expect him to DO anything about it, just get that out in the open.

    2) IF she contacts you or tries to bother you in some way again, call her back and politely tell her that you don't want to be involved with her, you don't want to be harassed by her and your boyfriend is not interested in her anymore, so to leave you two alone.

    3) ex girlfriends that are crazy are difficult, but don't let them get to you too badly. you and your friends and your boyfriend know she is crazy and desperate and sounds pathetic, so try not to let her antics bother you too much. most importantly, don't stoop to that crazy girl's level by harassing her back. once she realizes nobody cares about what she is doing, since she is just doing it for attention, she will most likely stop.

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    Just do the best to keep them away from eachother, im sure she will never be back in his life. But you haveto keep her away some how.

    Good luck in this all.

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    You can ask this advice at

    People over there might be able to help you out.

    That's where I go.

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    beat the B!+CH @$$! ha if you can

    fight then why not? that'll keep the crazy hoe away.

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