Could I be 3 months pregnant despite any symptoms?

I am on Ortho Lo but I was worried I was pregnant because I missed one pill. I got my period, but it was short- so I took a test that said Negative. 2 weeks later I was feeling constipated and bloated, took another test, Negative. Since then it has been almost 2 months and I have gotten my period twice since then, although it was a little shorter than normal. I am still taking BC pills, and haven't had any major symptoms besides constipation and nausea ( sometimes for hours at a time). Is it possible that I am pregnant with no symptoms? I have read that when you are on the pill if you have any bleeding at all during the time of your period, you aren't pregnant. Is this true? It's been about 3 months now that this has been going on. Thank you!!

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    Your nausea could actually be caused by the pill. Try taking it at night before you sleep with something in your stomach. Missing one pill doesn't make a difference. And you got your period. And the test was no you're not pregnant. Your periods will be shorter on the pill. Mine went from 7 down to 3 or 4 days.

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    I went to ob I knew I was once pregnant and all experiment got here again terrible,, bet what I was once three months alongside well success cross to dr, commonly despite the fact that whilst you leave out, your capsule, you most commonly have holiday via bleeding that you don;t state, ???

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    BCP can shorten periods. 2 negative tests and 3 periods should ease your mind! lol

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