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How far back to view a 56' TV?

I just bought a ridiculously huge 56' 1080p DLP Samsung TV (get it Saturday) and realized its probably a bit large for my small apartment. I've been using a 32' TV up till now and have always positioned my couch fairly close to the small TV. I doubt this will work anymore. What's a good distance back to watch a big screen TV?

Bonus question: I'm leaning towards getting a cheaper end 5.1 stereo system and have heard from some friends that it's worth every penny and others that its overrated, something only audiophiles love. Your thoughts?

Thank you for any help and opinions.

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    If you cannot see the pixels, you are not too close. Therefore, from your normal viewing position check if the pixel separation is visible--if you can see it at all, move back a little. I predict you can probably be as close as 7 feet without a problem. The ideal viewing position is one in which the left and right edges of the picture form a 30º angle from your eyes. This comes out about 7'.

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    Below is a link to a viewing distance calculator that gives you some numbers.

    Surround sound system:

    All HDTV audio comes in 5.1. If you dont have a surround sound system with a HDTV - you are missing out. Not to mention DVD's are all 5.1

    Do NOT buy a cheapo system with a skinny receiver and built-in DVD player. These do not have the connections to add your TV sound or hook your HD cable box to it.

    Look into an Onkyo TX-SR505/605/705 receiver (starting about $380) and a modest 5.1 speaker system (Polk RM, Definitive Studio Monitors, etc.) It will serve you a lot better in the long run.

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