Is need a more efficient way to learn circular breathing on a trombone!!!?

I can inhale air as I squirt water out but not when I do it without water, and just my air, or when I try it on my trombone. I want to be able to learn this pretty fast (like in about three and a half weeks). So is there any better exercises and any better way to explain how this process works? THANKS!!!

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    Don't know if this technique is still in vogue, but I'll pass it on so at the least you can decide.

    Back in the 70's The Catholic University in the US was famous for its low brass section because they could all circular breathe. A Dr. Garafalo (I think?...) taught the technique many ways but one exercise I saw him demonstrate was:

    Fill the mouth with air

    Place the instrument and set the diaphragm

    Support the note and begin the long tone

    When HALF the air is out of your mouth, cut off the air from your lungs with the BACK of your tongue

    Collapse your cheeks to force the remaining air through the horn

    When I saw this demonstrated, many of the player flared their cheeks (a la Dizzy Gillespie) to make this work; eventually they could control the air with less poofy cheeks.

    You might want to contact the school for any materials they can recommend. Keep at it though; I've never experienced low brass like those who can circ. air.

    Hope this helps!

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