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ok so i held a little bit of murcury in my palm 4 like 7 to 10 seconds and after i read that its like bad ?

and im like freaked out, am i gona die?! help!!!!!!

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    Yes, you might as well just say your prayers, I'm so sorry but you're probably gonna die.

    just kidding.

    I understand that Mercury along with Lead in their gaseous form are the only two elements that can pass through this thin membrane that covers your brain. Your brain deteriorates, you shrivel up and you die. I don't see how it can affect you if it was in its liquid form and your skin wasn't even broken...it's just a good idea to stay away from these elements altogether though.

  • Okosan
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    1 decade ago

    Well, when my mom bit the end of a mercury thermometer when she was littler, she's still here, so i think your alright. I'll make sure to look some of it up for you, because i get really freaked out about that kind of stuff too

    dont worry :) stay calm.

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