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How can I control my sex urge?

Me and my gf are virgins, though we have engaged in foreplay all the way to 3rd base. I just cant control myself from touching her butt or boobs. She gets angry and says that I've become so like sex driven only. Before, I've never had this experience, we only started foreplay 2.5 months ago and she's my first gf. We are at 6.5 months.

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    This is an extremely bad habit. Do some kind of training to develop yourself out of this habit. They say that if you do something 30 days straight that you will develop a habit. Find something else to distract you for a month. When you start using that bad habit get someone to take something away from you or punish you. That way you will train yourself out of your habit.

    Hope this helps.

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    Joey, Good evening How are you and your friend or girl-friend I so think that you hear the expectatives she like´s and good comunication and take information´s guide sex .taste ,this sugerence and enjoy night sex.


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