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How to do leaps and back bends?

How to do leaps and back bends?

my mom wont let me take dance but i can do a lot though like the3 splits and a lot more but i was wondering how can i teach my self how to do the split leap in the air and a back bend/back walkover

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    First of all, strengthen your legs. In order to do a perfect leap, you have to be able to push of one leg into the air. Try doing jumps first, and rocking back and forth from one foot to another until you can do a middle size one without a running start. Then try from three steps only. Lift your back foot in the air immediately after the front one, and then land with a bent knee. Now back bends, first try to do a bridge. Then see how far you can bend backwards before falling. (Do this in front of a bed first.) Also, stretch your wrists out before doing it, or else they will get tierd from the pressure. Hope you get better!

  • Get a friend to help you in the park or something. Or watch Youtube videos on it maybe.

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