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Does anyone know any specific examples to this argumentative essay:?

Computers: Helpful or hurtful?

A couple examples i thought of are why they are hurtful: impair eye sight. Usually need glasses after years of using of computers.

Young people or just people in general become dependent on computers and the internet. they look up things that they would have figured out themselves just because it is convenient.

Counter argument would be: quick and easy access to information for homework or research. helpful tips or advice posted by other people are close at reach for emergencies.

Anymore ideas or advice is welcomeeee!! please don't just X out of this. i really need some other examples.. :-( please? :D

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    Computer research saves hours of exhausting research in the library.

    Students who don't have internet access at home are often at a disadvantage.

    If you say it impairs eyesight, I think you should have some data to back it up.

    Some people believe that computer use hampers students ability to communicate because instead of human interaction they are interacting with a machine.

    Young people are being exposed to more violence. pornography, etc than ever before because of internet.

    Lonely people have found love and friendship on the internet who may have otherwise never done so.

    Some people find it easier to make friends/love via internet first rather than jumping into a face to face relationship.

    People have found long lost loved ones via the internet.

    Crimes have been solved via the internet. Crimes have been plotted via the internet.

    Some research says that playing games on the internet increases intelligence and improves eye/hand coordination.

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    people rely on computers to save their data... if it gets lost, its only frustrating for that person

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