what do they want from a ultra sound?

The doctor wants an ultra sound from me, but im not pregnet. i do to mch periods. like twice a month, and im scared becasue the doctor wont tell me what might be wrong, so does any of you have an idea. oh and the ultra sound is going to look at my tummy down. but not to my legs. and yea. so i really need to know. plz and thank you. im 13 by the way.


well actually my mom called the doctor and he ordered blood test and ultra sound. and he didnt say anything. their testing me, they only took blood and thats all.

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    they are looking for any abnormalities in your pelvis. dont worry, its a very common procedure. i have had 2 done in the past 3 years due to abnormal bleeding.

    they will be able to see your reproductive organs and if there are any problems.

    no worries :)

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    I had to have this done because my periods were 2 weeks long! They just want to check to see if you might have any cysts that might be causing any problems, if there are they will give you a different type of medication for it. It's no big deal. It was actually fun for me to see what my insides looked like LOL!

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    It's just to check if there's anything there that shouldn't be that might be causing the extra periods. Don't worry about it too much. Chances are you're fine and even if there are any problems, the doctor will explain it to you.

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    If it was really that bad he'd tell you. And if you asked im sure he'll tell you, it is your body and your own health. Did you ask?! Ask your mom if he told her or something. Or maybe he doesn't know if something is wrong or not so he wants you to have an ultra sound.

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  • 1 decade ago

    They look at your ovaries and uterus to see if everything is okay. I wouldn't worry about it. It's pretty routine. I had to get one too because of my heavy and frequent periods.

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    they want to look at the ovaries and structure of your uterus. it doesn't hurt. they want to see if there's a reason why you have irregular periods. good luck. it will be ok.

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    no idea

    hope all is well..


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