Why are vampire's usually depicted with skin as hard as stone?

I'm writing a vampire novel and in it my protagonist is hit with a shard of glass to demonstrate their healing properties, but while going back over it I wondered if it should just shatter on his skin.

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    That is an interesting conundrum - a creature with skin as hard as stone, yet able to be impaled with a wooden stake. A better solution might be to go the normal damage vs. aggravated damage route, where all normal damage such as dealt by shrapnel, bullets, bladed weapons, etc. heals almost instantaneously, whereas aggro from fire, sunlight, explosive detonations (with fire), acid, holy water, etc. take much longer to heal, if ever. Note that in all likelihood within the limits of any reasonable literary "reality", a vampire would be destroyed by being dismembered, decapitated, completely crushed, staked through the heart (a ridiculous notion given that mythical vampires don't have a functional circulatory system, and their hearts do not beat) - the stake is more likely to hold them immobile, given the ancient mythological properties of ash and oak to repel evil creatures, disrupting their pattern.

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    You are writing a story. That means you could come up with an entirely new "breed" of vampire! Be creative you don't really have to be accurate in a story about vampires... :P

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    you are able to desire to cut back them off with clippers and then record away the greater epidermis with in elementary terms a nail record or some thing. in the different case there is a few lotion noted as "bare ft" at Walmart and objective that still works properly. yet i for my section recommend the Pumice stone. it rather is particularly particularly worth the $3 or $4 money.

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    Good luck on your novel.Mind telling us what it is called when it comes out?

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    silky smooth soft fair skin... immortal...

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