Help with Roman legends...?

In my history class, we're learning about (you guessed it...) Rome! We have a paper to write discussing to legends on the founding of Rome:

1. "Mama Wolf Story"-Romulus and Remus were raised by a she-wolf. You should know the rest.

2. "The Noble Trojan Hero Story"-Aeneus got lost and found Italy--created Rome. You should know it.

Now I need to say what the cultural function of these legends was to the Romans.

Please help me with that!

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    i dont know exactly what youre looking for, but those are their creation stories... think of what the founding fathers mean to americans.

    also, theyre some of the few truly roman stories that they had, almost all the others were plagiarized from the greeks and replaced with latin names.

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    Okay... A) what you're speakme approximately is NOT a Roman legend. A Roman legend is, like Romulus and Remus founding the town of Rome, or Jupiter raping Io, or such. B) there's no such situation as a "Trepid fountain". C) You do not fall in love with the character who takes your coin out of a wishing fountain. But if one is stuck taking a coin out of TREVI fountain, they are going to more commonly be arrested. That cash is going to the deficient.

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    According to the story, Numitor, last of the Alband kings of Latium, had a daughter, Rhea Silvia. A Vestel, she was supposed to remain a virgin, but she was seduced by Mars and bore twin sons, Romulus and Remus. A new king, who usurped Numitor's throne, ordered that they be drowned in the river Tiber, but they were miraculously saved and later suckled by a she-wolf. The king's shepherd found the little boys and brought them up, eventually recognized for who they were they determined to found a city where they might live safe from the wrath of the usurper's descendants. But strife grew up between the brothers and they fought one another, Remus was killed and Romulus went on in 753 BC to establish the city on the Tiber that would bear his name.

  • Just think of how these stories probably influenced the people of Rome. What do these stories say about their values and self-image? How do you think they influenced the way the people think or act towards one another. What do you think these legends did for the Romans?

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