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has anyone gotten pregnant on othro evra? or had these symptoms?

just wondering, because i think that i might be. I have extremely SORE boobs. it hurts to wear a bra. It hurts when i roll over them at night too.

i've been moody, crying like a baby for nothing, some cravings, and lots of headaches.

i was on the depo shot and i believe that i might have gotten pregnant on that.

i believe the day i concieved was September 27.

Can someone help me please?!

thank you in advance =]


i need all the help i can get please!

Update 2:

i'm on the ortho evra patch btw

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    I was on the ortho patch before i got pregnant this time, and about a week before I would get my period my boobs would hurt so bad that I couldn't even touch them and my bra would bother them, I would get headaches and I would eat more than normal. those were my symptoms and I was on the patch for 3 years. If you are worried that you are pregnant take a test to ease your mind. Good Luck and Take Care

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    I got pregnant while on ortho.,I took my pills everyday and when I went to the dr. I was 5 weeks pregnant

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    well i have done a lot of research on that. and its dangerous.. after two years you have a 50 percent chance of not being able to have children ever again. but no i believe your not pregnant. those are normal side effects for that.. and you might have them for about 3 months

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    i was on ortho evra and i too had sore breasts, headaches and mood swings for a while. no cravings though.

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