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i cant do nothing but a cartwheel and a roundoff?

My mom wont let me do gymnastics becuz da bills and i decided to teach mii self im 10 and i have a problem arching mii bbackand i nd really want to know how to do a front handspring a split a back handspring and a handstand and front and back walkovers.

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    Keep stretching. Stretch stretch stretch. Your flexibility will come with constant stretching. For walkovers, it's usually easier to do if you have a spotter. Just invite a friend over, get into your back arch (you've been stretching so you can do it now, right?) and have then help flip you over until you get the hang of it.

    I wouldn't suggest trying too many tricks without a proper mat or trainer though... It can get dangerous.

    Source(s): Female gymnast, level 10.
  • rezai
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    Your excellent buddy must be serving to you with them. That's what truly peers are for as an alternative of guffawing at you. I too could ask your trainer to aid you and spend a bit time after elegance at any time when to paintings on them. Showing that you're attempting will aid you. Getting your ft up, velocity and the flip are the important thing. It is difficult for us to aid you on the grounds that we can't see what you're doing to aid you. To recover from your worry you ought to be peers with the ground. How are your somersaults? You could wish to begin with anything quite handy to get comfy.

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    if you have a tramp use it and for the front walkover go on a hill to learn it and for the back walk over go on a hill to

    Source(s): im a male gymanast lv 6
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    dont worry about it

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    ur wrong an stupid crimsenansilver, u can do n e thing u set ur mind to! dont let sumone take away ur dreams!!!!!!

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