I need help with drawing asian faces! ?

I'm trying to draw this:


I'm not a very good artist and i'm trying to get some tips. If you happen to see any BoA Kwon pictures that are simple and kind of like that one^, please give me the link!

So give tips on:

How to draw asian eyes

Her lips

Her hair

Face structure


I know where their to be placed on the face and stuff... but I'm VERY inexperienced ;)

thanks for helping!

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    I will now attack this question! ^-^


    quick tips:


    U know when u start drawing eyes, you normally start off with a line (Like Mr. L. showed us) But, for a more feminine and asian look, instead of plotting it on a line, put it on a very very stretched out "v".



    [ i just now made that for you....full veiw]


    Pay attention to the shading on the one side of the face...use the blender thing that he gave us.

    Also for the eyes, on her left side, half of it is covered by shadow!! (just in important note) and she's wearing SMUDGEPOT


    Hair: Not much to say but pay attention to where the light's hitting it...keep the sections of hair with light on them LIGHT, and the ones with dark, use a 4B or a 6B


    Notice u cant see her eyebrows either.


    For her nose, you can see more of the actual nostrils than usual [which i think is because thats how most AZN faces are].



    Her face is ROUND SHAPED. Don't make her have a too womanly jaw line, because although she's a girl, a lot of AZNs have a rounder face shape


    So yeah..hoped I helped


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    Drawing Asian Faces

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    just draw it like you see it...asian faces are not any different from any others if you do it properly. just keep looking at the picture when you're drawing and try not to just assume what she looks like. it probably won't look that good to start of with as you said you're very inexperienced, but practice makes perfect =].

    good luck.

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  • Joyce
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    5 years ago

    lack of eye lashes, small eye lid, skinnier eyes, and slightly facing towards the nose. its hard to explain. if you can't copy a drawing with every detail like me, take your time and just try it. it may take over a month but it's worth it.

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    Just draw her face like you would draw any other face just sort of different. IDK what to tell you, sorry. It's okay, i have trouble drawing mexican faces...

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