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could i be pregnant? and when should i take my pregnancy test? help!!!?

my fiance and i are trying to have a baby! we are getting married in december.He's in AIT in Albama. that means hes in training in the army, hes in school. n its not boot camp!!. I went to see him this past weekend, but i was on my period. on ma third day. we only had sex 11 times and on all those 11 times he came inside me. but like the day before i was coming back, my period was not alot at all.. im really hoping i get pregnant! what is the percentage that im pregnant? and wen should i take a pregnancy test?

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    If you got your period, you probably are not pregnant. I have heard of someone having a very light period and still being pregnant so, if that's you, take a test.

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    Most assessments are very acurate this present day if they're performed adequately. It is feasible to get a negitive effect even though you're pregnant however that is regularly on the grounds that of person blunders in taking the experiment! If she had a usual interval ie it wasnt very gentle then she isn't pregnant, she will have been however miscarried that is very comon within the early phases of pregancy, and a low hgc stage will have been why the experiment confirmed poor, in different phrases it wasnt ment to be. I consider your female friend must pass and notice a physician. If this has occurred then your female friend will want plenty of aid from you. Good Luck and i am hoping the whole thing seems good for you each

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    I don't think it's possible that you're pregnant because you had sex during your period. Wait until your period is over, then try again.

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    If you two are wanting to have a baby you might want to read about ovulation and your body. You more than likely are not pregnant.

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