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How do you choose the Best Answer?

K ppl i know this is a really dumb ? but im new on yahoo answers and i dont know how to choose the best answer.... can someone tell me how??

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    If you ask questions, you have to wait for four (4) hours after asking the question in order to choose the "best answer." That's to give folks a fair chance to log in and find your question. Many of us log on and off periodically during the day and we may not be online when you posted.

    Once the four (4) hours have elapsed, go back to view the question. You can do that by clicking on "My Profile" near the top the page, right hand side under the word "discover."

    Once you're at your profile, look under your avatar (photo) and you'll see a list of all the questions you've answered plus a tab you can click to see the questions where you were chosen as "best answer," the questions you've asked and the questions you've starred.

    Click on the word questions and you'll see the list of your questions, click the question and it shows you not only the question but all the answers. There will be a blue box under each answer. Click the box of the answer you liked best. You will get 3 points for choosing.

    Be sure you pick the "best answer" before the time for answering expires or it'll be too late, it'll go into voting.

    IF YOU DIDN'T ASK THE QUESTION, to vote on unresolved questions click the "answer" toolbar at the top of the page then click on the "vote" tab and it'll show you a bunch of questions in voting.

  • four hours after you ask your question, if you go to your question, a little 'select as best answer' button appears by each answer. any time between then & when the question expires, click on the one you like best


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    after about a day or two, you can go back to your question and pick a best answer.

    each answer will have "choose best answer" next to it

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    when you go onto your question to view the reply's,

    it has a little button that says "choose as best answer"

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