Where can i get a crash course for investing in the stock market?

I am looking for a book or a website with enough information for me to completely understand the stock market, how it works and what all those confusing terms mean.

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    1 decade ago
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    It takes about 2 years for an individual to be reasonably competent in understanding the stock market. I don't know of any crash course but if you already have an account with a brokerage firm, almost all of them offer seminars instructed by pro's on various techniques, analysis, and variety of availabl investment vehicles. Some conducts online seminars so that you don't have to go to any class in person.

    Also, start watching CNBC daily. If you are not home during the day, tape or tivo daily and hear opinions of economists and traders alike. If you find that you hardly understand what they all are talking about, you need more than a crash course before investing your hard earned money into the stock market.

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    Crash course? lol

    There is no such thing. Better yet, invest $10grand of your own money. Then you'll learn everything you need to know. The hard way.

    Or, you can get sound investment knowledge reading everything you can like "Two Up on wall Street' or "The Intelligent Investor'

    People have the wrong idea of investing. If you want to trade stocks, these books aren't for you.

    If however, you want to buy companies as investments, and receive dividends, and many cash flow streams, the proceed.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "completely understand the stock market"

    LMAO (sorry)

    The stock market is going to hell. Do yourself a big favor and do not even bother investing a penny in any stock other than a foreign currency or gold. I don't even care what Warren Buffet says. The market is not going to bounce back for a long long time. We are heading for the Second Great Depression.

    Forget about all the mumbo-jumbo stuff out there. Just open an E-Trade account and buy FXF. That's a Currency Trust Fund of the Swiss Franc. Also buy GLD. That's an Exchange Traded Fund for Gold. When everything goes to hell you will be living large.

    This is what I am doing right now with my entire retirement savings.

    Let it all crash. Eventually the US$ will flood into gold and Francs for safety. The trick is to beat the mad rush. It is coming...no doubt about it and even the gov't knows it. They don't even know what to do with the $700 Billion that they begged us for. It's an absolute clusterf*ck.

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    The safest investments you can make is to invest in index funds. E*Trade has some index funds of their own. E*Trade sells the S&P 500 and the Russel 2000 for a $5000 initial investment. After that you must stick in $250 for every deposit.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "Stock Investing For Dummies."

  • 1 decade ago

    cbs marketwatch is a good start. play their stock market game, start a fake portfolio, and see where it goes. the site also has some educational things that can be helpful.

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