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easy science questions help?

1. how can organisms be harmed by high levels of salt on roadways?

2. why does distilled water instead of a salien solution in an IV disrupt a patients homeostasis?

3. why are contractile vauoles little value to one celled marine organisms?

4. why does salty popcorn cause thirst?

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    1) Road salt is not always common table salt, it can be toxic. If an animal or plant ingests road salt it upsets the body chemistry at the very least. If there's a lot of salt, plants have a hard time growing in the soil. In ancient wars, they used to salt the enemy's farmland to stop them from growing food.

    2) Using distilled water instead of saline dilutes the blood, and can cause chemical imbalance. You need a specific amount of water and electrolytes for your body to function correctly. Too much plain water causes the body to flush out electrolytes in the urine.

    3) Contractile vacuoles would be of little value to one-celled organisms living in the ocean because the ocean and one-celled organisms are filled with salt water.

    4) salt dries out the body and the mucous membranes in the mouth, so you feel like you need water to re-hydrate them. They use salt to pack fish in to keep it from going bad during transport since it does dry out tissues.

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    And you do not know #4 either. Salt in popcorn causes the salt solution in your blood to increase. In order to restore the balance you have to drink water to dilute it. Notice how blood tastes salty?

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    one million. a) 15.seventy 5 - 12.40 5 = 3.3g b) 15.ninety six - 12.40 5 = 3.51g 3.fifty one - 3.3 = 0.21g c) that all of the chemical interior the try tube reacted with oxygen (ie. after heating) 2. actual substitute = elementary reversible variations that don't substitute the form of atoms or compounds interior the substance, Chemical substitute = irreversible variations that are shaped by utilising atoms chemically bonding mutually to style a clean substance. Chemical variations are harder to opposite. 3. a) chemical b) actual c) actual d) chemical 4. Neutralization 5. you're able to try this one your self. it rather is particularly no longer that annoying...and that i'm too lazy to describe the reasoning at the back of it ;P

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    Look up information on osmossis and types of solutions. Just remeber that things move from high concentrations to low concentrations. Read into Hypertonic and Hyptonic solutions.

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    4.because salt is sourish that makes us drink like in the movie theater and when you eat a lot of popcorn which make you thirsty

    sorry, i don't know to 1,2,3

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