when you are having you 1st baby how do you know that ever thing is ok whit the baby?

I ask this why its my1st baby and I go to the doc. for may appt. but i allway want to no if the baby is ok Im 16 weeks

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    You never really know until you have it. But, at your "big" ultrasound usually at 20 weeks they check for birth defects and stuff.

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    i was the same but i was also at school as well so i had stress as well as thinking things were wrong my advice go 2 the prenatal classes they help u alot especially if u don't know how 2 do something they will help u that includes disposable and cloth nappies and if ur doc says everything is fine then believe it because docs r always right

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    Your baby is okay. Just eat healthy, exercises, take care of yourself. Also, your doc will be offering you several tests to check for baby's health, just take them- our insurance is paying for it. At least you will get the probability your baby is fine.

  • 1 decade ago

    you just take care of yourself, eating healthy and taking your prenatals. if your doctor says everything is good, then you have nothing to worry about! GOOD LUCK!!=))

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  • 1 decade ago

    "you 1st baby" and "whit" ??????? consider giving it up for adoption-please!!!!!!!! the main thing wrong with your baby will be your lack of education!

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