what do i need to do to play pogo games?

i have a dell optiplex gxi with windows me in my system i have java 5.0 update 16 and flashplayer 8 ie6. when i go to the site pogo.com ican load the games but they run realy slow i do have dial up on a 56k modem but it should not be that slow my ie6 sometimes hangs and i will get a internet exployer error report then it restarts its self. i am a stay at home mom and play the games in my spare time if i have any can someone tell me what i need to do to fix these problems so i can play my games thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Go here: (pogo help)


    Go to the left side where it says POGO TOOLBOX and run those tests. They will make sure your computer is set up to play pogo games.

    If that doesnt work then try searching under Help or Tiki Bros. When all else fails go to CONTACT US.

    Also here is a link for 30 days free club pogo (you dont need a credit card). With club pogo you won't have ads slowing you down.


    Also as a stay at home mom, another fun site (free) to try is Hubdub.com. It keeps me busy and up to date on current events, its alot of fun!


  • carree
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    4 years ago

    It has classified ads each and every so commonly (often times i detect mid sport!!!) and it in straight forward words quite freezes even as i take advantage of Mozilla with adblock upload on. If i take advantage of IE it would not freeze so i presumed it develop into some thing to do with the adblock and their classified ads.

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