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Receding gums, Heavy skoal user ( Need help ASAP) ?

Ok im freaking out I need some opinions quick.. Ive been chewing about skoal for 2 yrs now about 2 tins a day my gums are thinning out quite a bit.. Should I really be worried about mouth cancer and such? I havent been to the dentist in about 8 months im thinking of going ASAP getting it checked out maybe I wont have to worry so much.. But I can totally have a heart attack right now, ive tried quiting its jus way too hard an old army field habit.. Im 22 pretty healthy dont smoke dont drink dont do drugs are my risks still rather high of getting cancer? " jus keep it out of ur mouth!" yaa yaa not as easy as it sounds serious posts plz.. Thanks.

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    Chew and dip are really bad for you. Because they sit in your gum, your body is constantly absorbing the chemicals. If your gums are receded and you're chewing, the chemicals are getting into your body quicker.

    I've been smoking for over ten years so I've got no place to lecture you, but if you can, you should try to stop. My mother is a head and neck surgeon (mostly cheek/gum/tongue/throat/lung cancer) and has always said "At least you don't chew tobacco!"

    We all know that chewing and smoking is horrible for us. When we're ready to stop, we will. You're young to get cancer, but it can happen to anyone. Your chances are higher if your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or siblings have cancer or died from cancer.

    Best of luck to you.

    Source(s): My mom, chief of head and neck surgery at a major hospital.
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    hey try using hyrodgen peroxide it sure helped with my receding gums it worked

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