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Sick rat?!?! help!!!!?

i took my rat to the vet today because she has been very lethargic. The vet found some discharge in her eyes, and gave me meds to give to my rat. She also hydrated her with (sorry i don't know what it is called) that shot thing that you stick in the skin. Right now my rat only sleeps, eats, and drinks. I'm still so scared for her! Is this serious?


she also has a little discharge coming from her nose.

Update 2:

she usually is very active and playful. she is not even 1 years old!

Update 3:

the vet said that she had no respitory problems. She checked her breathing and heart and all. She doesn't sneeze, only once in a while but i read that is normal. She is just very weak and all she does is sleep. She usually is a very VERY active rat, and she always wants to play, but now she isn't like that.

Update 4:

she has a sister. i have 2 rats.

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    What medicines did your vet give you? Did she tell you what she thought may be the problem? If your rat had been sneezing or having other respiratory symptoms it sounds like a respiratory infection which are very common in pet rats. The antibiotics are usually quite effective at treating it, just stick to the dosage and schedule and she should start to improve in a few days. Report any new symptoms to the vet, and if you don't notice any improvement in a few days make sure to mention it to your vet, she may want to change the medicine to something else. Hopefully she will be just fine!

    EDIT: In response to another poster's comment about porphyrin, yes it is normal for rats to have it, but in excess it is a sign of stress or illness. It's just like the mucus in humans, we have normal amounts of mucus in our eyes and nose but when we are sick our eyes get gummy and teary and our nose gets runny. Usually people don't notice porphyrin until the rat is sick, and since it is red and looks like blood it can be alarming. If you let me know the name of the medicine she gave your rat I may be able to help you further, but right now just keep on with the medicine and see what happens.

    Source(s): I am a veterinary assistant who has owned rats for 10 years and bred them for 5. For more information about rat care please visit my website at and if you have any questions feel free to email me using the link in my profile.
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    There is definatly something wrong with her and thumbs up for taking her to the vet. Alot of ppl dont do this. The discharge you are seeing from the eyes and nose is called popherin. In times when the rat is severely ill the popherin that comes out of the eyes will be extreme almost like they are leaking. I hope she gave her antibiotics. She is probably very lathargic because when rats get sick they tend not to eat or drink and can become severely dehydrated within a day of no water intake. Did the vet give you antibiotics? If she did they should knock out whatever is wrong with her. But one thing you need to remember about rats is that being that they are the lowest on the food chain a rat will mask its illness as long as it can. So usually when you notice the first signs of illness they have actually have been sick for a while. If she stops eating her food you can try giving her baby food. My rat had a stroke a couldnt eat hard food so I would give her baby food and she loved it. But good luck and hope I helped

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    The shot she got under her skin is a subQ. Vets do this when an animal is dehydrated because it helps to quickly hydrate them. It's too bad your vet didn't explain things to you properly.

    Make sure your rat gets the meds that were prescribed. To help keep her hydrated see if you can give her some juicy food, like watermelon or baby food.

    Also, make sure she had a nice warm and cozy place to sleep. If she doesn't have a little house you can put a small cardboard box in her cage with some tissues or pieces of soft fabric, like fleece, inside it.

    Good luck!

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    I would have to say your vet doesn't know a lot about rats. The 'discharge' is called porphyrin, and it is totally normal.

    It is possible your rat is a little depressed and lonely. Rats are very social animals, so you should get another girl rat so she can have a friend. I'm sure she will almost certainly be more perky if you do.

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    soory about what happens i don't really like rats but try to play with her so she will feel like she is at home again then when she plays she will get her apatite back,

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