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Was the Titanic bigger than Noah's Ark?

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    Genesis 6:15 tells us the Ark's dimensions were at least 135 meters long (300 cubits), 22.5 meters wide (50 cubits), and 13.5 meters high (30 cubits). That is a little over 41,000 cubic meters in volume. Sounds big until you know that the Earth has millions of species. Of course, people back when the Bible was written didn't have any idea about the biodiversity of the planet. It is also interesting to compare the size of the ark to largest modern ships (cruise ships, tankers and aircraft carriers which range from 300-460 meters). And the Titanic wasn't even as big as modern cruise ships. Of course, we now understand that even one of these ships couldn't house all the species of the planet. The story of Noah's ark is one of the craziest things in the Bible. It is hard to believe any adults take it literally.

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    Noah's Arc wasnt real...hat to break it to you.

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