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is this normal ?

i turned 16 2 months ago and my penis is 5.8 inches when im hard and was wondering is this normal and how much time do i have to grow, also what do you think my penis will max at in inches. (sorry if i offend anybody)


i put it in the womens section becuz women have seen more penis than a male has. sorry

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    well actually i have to say this is the best place to find out for the answer......most men havent seen that many penis's unless there gay i would have to say thats completely normal.

    Source(s): im a man!
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    Its best to put this in the mens section or its likely you will offend all the ladies here...

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    Wrong category put this in mens health

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    It's a good thing,walk very proud and don"t let it drag on the floor.

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    Why is this in the women's health section?

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    that's about normal. it probably will be done growing in a few years.

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    Wow, what do you sit up in your room and jack off, then measure the exact length of your penis?

    Pretty funny.

    It's pretty normal I guess, idk i'm a virgin, I wouldn't know.

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