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Do you believe that Ezekiel's vision was that of a morphing UFO?

In chapter 1 Ezekiel describes a creature that was shiny in appearance that had a face of a human and of many animals. For some reason I tend to believe Ezekiel seen a morphing UFO. I have a UFO clip of a morphing UFO and I know you might think the UFO is fake but just watch the clip. Does it seem to be what Ezekiel could have been talking about when he spoke about the glowing creature that had many faces?

The morphing UFO sighting :

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What do you believe?

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    haha I knew someone would bring this up and i'm glad, first off the vision goes into alot of detail about the ufo and the creatures that step outside of it in Ezekiel chapter 1.... but just think, WHOEVER DENIES that Ezekiel was telling about a ufo and aliens is basically saying that Ezekiel was on some type of hallucinaginic drugs and by and that is very offending to me when christians deny ufos,so yes there is no doubt that its a ufo because the heavens really means the sky and space.

  • Dan
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    I believe aliens, UFOs, and everything related is total BS. Ezekiel did not see a UFO, they don't exist, and even if they do I doubt they did thousands of years ago.

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    my grandfather witnessed a UFO in southern new mexico.

    i have seen lights in the sky that have been filmed as ufo's by other people.

    wish i could view the you tube clip -but have dial up so it doesn't come thro well.

    go to a group called alien ufos

  • 7 years ago

    Ezekiel saw a vision of the earth and that's not all there is to it; Have a look at my Facebook photos. Do you want to see and hear more? Andre Melillo

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  • ?
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    A "UFO" is an "unidentified flying object".

    Ezekiel identified the creature so it would be a "IFO" , or "identified flying object"

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    There have been a few artistic renditions of this craft. I imagine a chariot for God. Although I can't imagine God needs a chariot. Aliens are as good an explanation as any although we never see it again.

  • I believe that you very well may have something there. It is surely an explanation that has been over looked.

  • Anonymous
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    I believe he was high on shrooms. That is only about half a joke.

    In fact it is entirely possible that that is exactly what happened.

  • Zeldar
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    1 decade ago

    oh crap i thought the coast was clear too.

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