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Any suggestions for this plain name?

I came up with the name Icefire for a husky in my story, but it just sounds plain next to the other names I came up with, like Kova or Akaela. So, if you know how to translate Icefire into a foreign language, like Russian or any of that stuff, then please answer this question. Make sure I can read it though, and that it's short. Thanks for your help!


Also, tell me which you like better- Icefire or Iceflame

BTW: This name is for a female husky

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    In Russan → пожарльда

    Its not very easy to understand so here are icefire in other languages!

    In Dutch → Ijsbrand

    In French → Lefeudeglace or ''FeuGlacé''

    In German → Eisfeuer

    In Greek → πυρκαγιάπάγου

    In italian → Fuocodelghiaccio

    In Portuguese → Fogodogelo

    In Spanish → Fuegodelhielo (almost like italian)

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    I tried translating it in russian but I got Ледяной Огонь which I don't think anybody can understand without knowing russian, but a few good names would be:

    Koda, Kova, Akaela, and things like that.

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    How about RioCante? or Ice Pic Ice ilante, Pico Fria? Strong Heart,

    Agua Fierce. Reese Leileng, Icelee, Kriptofire ,KriptoIce.

    I know that probably isn't much help, but its out there for you.

    good luck and stay cool

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    put some ice in a crack pipe and set it on fire

    you will soon be able to talk in many foreign languages at once

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    Binhu? that's very similar to what's in chinese...

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