I need some serious help!?

I am on Clomipramine (200mg), Seroquel (800-1000mg), Zyprexa (15mg), and Valium (5mg to 20mg a day) for Obsessive Compulsive disorder and Depression. I had something terrible happen to me last night/early morning. I can't go to sleep because I feel last time I did, I was being possessed by evil spirits. Then I was being chased by giants. Then the next thing I knew, I had my face buried in the sand in a dark part of the woods and they were after me again. Then I was on my back on the ground with my hands jammed backwards, and then I saw a big black spiral or vortex, and I woke up with my vision pointed sideways. I was facing the couch one second, then I closed my eyes and I was paralysed with fear that there was a sinister presence behind me. At first, I was too petrified to look, but managed to eventually, but there was nothing there. The next night I selpt fine. But the night after, it started again. One minute I'm lying on the couch and then I see a human body with white eyes and a snake toungue saying "I'll see you in Hell, Ryan". Then I feel like I'm having a convulsion or a fit, and my vision is that of being inside a ping pong ball being smashed around, topsy turvy and my vision is scattered. Then my brother turns against me and then I'm naked and my mum sees me. Next, I'm on the floor rolling around and I can't scream or yell out as if I were mute or my lips were sown shut. Then, I'm back on the couch. I can't tell whether I'm asleep or awake. I can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. When I try to open my eyes, its like trying to lift up a Holden Commodore ute. My eyes won't honour opening up. Then all my eyes just spasm all over the place and I feel I'm stuck in another dimension; perhaps halfway between earth and the lower astral field belt. Then I feel like something or someone is dragging me accross the floor all over the place and I can't stop it. Then I feel that I'm turning into water and I'm going down a drain. I'me getting pushed and pulled by something and I can't elaborate more than that. I'm not doing illicit drugs. I look to someone who can explain these horrendous experiences. You see, I don't think they were dreams, I believe they are real. You know, a paranormal encounter. Are they hallucinations of some sort? Should I just pop another Valium or smoke a joint or something? I live in the hills with my dad and he is very concerned. We need to get some answers. For the love of pete, what is going on here? I'm losing my appetite, I am too frightened to go to sleep. I don't feel safe even when I sleep in the lounge with my dad next to me. No one can help me. Please pray for my soul. I don't want to lose my mind. I have an appointment to see my doctor, but thats not for another month.

For God's sake...I need an answer!

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    chill you will survive

    take a deep breath and don't do any thing stupid

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    1 decade ago

    Ok, first...I know that it is frightening but please realize that these are not real things. Second...I take an anti-depressant and Ambien to sleep at night, but if I nap during the day I get the same types of dreams. They are very scary and real. Doctor explained to me that I'm not going into a deep REM sleep and our mind is active when you are not in a restorative sleep and as a side effect of the meds we can have some weird, crazy dreams.

    See your doctor, call and see if you can be put on a cancellation list so maybe you can get in sooner.

    Good luck and God Bless!

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    It might be the medication combination you are taking. But if they were prescribed by your doctor, then they would know what other medication you take.

    Okay, breathe. The important thing is that you try to rationalize your nightmares. Has anything bad happened to you recently (aside from these dreams) that might trigger a feeling of remorse or fear? Maybe you and your brother had a fight that you feel was your fault? I feel that being naked in dreams is often a sign of vulnerability. Maybe your mother seeing you is symbolic to you getting caught doing something you shouldn't have been doing (maybe...stealing cookies from the cookie jar)?

    I also happen to know EXACTLY how you feel about the sinister presence. However, I believe that was only because I scared myself lifeless by reading stories about "demon encounters" online (which, I HIGHLY suggest you refrain from doing before bed!) Feelings like that only intensify the more you think about them.

    They could also be from lack of sleep. When I'm only half awake in the morning, or haven't gotten enough sleep, I'll sometimes close my eyes for a few seconds. Even in that miniscule time frame, I can see something like a dream. And sometimes, I'm just dead scared for my life. At nothing at all! Take today, for example. I went to bed at 11:30 last night and got up at 5:55, which is not nearly enough sleep. Coupled with the fact that I'm prone to panic attacks brought on by stress, this did no good for me today. I was just dozing on the bus (not fully asleep, but not fully aware of my surroundings) and I was just starting a dream. I sort of jumped out of it and sat up and just looked around and felt myself breathe. And what was so strange was that I was scared of being alive at that very moment. I felt like I couldn't take in any oxygen at all, or that I what I was breathing in wasn't enough.

    This kind of thing happens to me all the time when I'm stressing out over something, whether it's inside of school or not. Sometimes I'm laying in bed and I'll have my face under the covers. I feel like I can't breathe and I rouse from a dream breathing sharply but find that I can't open my eyes. It is the single most horrifying thing I have to do to tell myself to calm down. My body is still asleep but my mind is awake. I'm pretty good at avoiding this kind of thing, though. Anyway, my point here is that you aren't alone. I mean, I will feel perfectly fine one moment, and the next I'm ready for my head to explode or to fall out of my seat, half expecting myself to sit and cry over nothing. It's just the way I'm programmed, I suppose. But you aren't alone in this. There are loads of other people out there that suffer from the same kind of problem but who are too afraid or too embarrassed to admit it. I will openly admit to having an anxiety disorder because I want to help people.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It sounds like you are having demonic encounters. You are a person that evil spirits feel that they can use for their benefit. I do not think that this is from your medication, and I would highly recommend finding someone who has experience dealing with these kind of spiritual attacks. I know of many people who have had similar encounters with the spiritual world, and have overcome it through prayer and determination. Find a pastor or someone else that has a strong relationship with God and they can help you get through this. This is very serious matter, please seek advice! You are also welcome to email me with any other questions, or if you just want to talk. God bless!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ok when it comes to depression medicine, the antidepressant dangers can be all too real for some people. but it's important to remember that antidepressants (depression medicine) are highly effective for millions of people worldwide.

    Antidepressants (depression medicine ) are used by millions of people worldwide, but many are unaware that some of these antidepressants (SSRI-type depression medicines) have been linked to suicidal thoughts, NIGHTMARES and violence.

    In fact, did you know that if you take an SSRI antidepressant (depression medicine ), and if it is not right for you, it could actually make your depression worse?

    Anyways i would suggest if you could try to stick to one antidepressant. or just ask for another prescription from your physician.

    Source(s): Please don't listen to those idiots up there! no evil spirit no deformation no such thing! this is all from the medicine! Its very similar to DRUGS! thats why most of medicines requires prescriptions!
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    ok one that is really scary. two ummm i think its probably a weird reaction to all ur medicine either that or u were day dreaming. have u seen any movies or shows that resemble that in any way or spoken to someone about something that relates to that in any way before it started happenning???? im not sure i think ur doctor could help u more than me but i hope this could be a gud start.

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    I think you're on too much medication, and this is just your body reacting badly. Cut down on the medication and see what happens, or, if possible, talk to a doctor.

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think you should have your dad call an ambulance the next time this happens to you or even now. I know that it will cost you about $90 I think, but they will atleast help you right away.

  • 1 decade ago

    god damn your screwed up. well you wont go to hell if your a nice person right? so just become a hippy or somthin and be nice to everyone and you wont "see him in hell"

    problem solved but i reccomend you also smoke a joing before bed

    and lay off the peperoni

  • Cami
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    1 decade ago

    Hey it sounds like a spiritual attack. Like demons attacking you. You need God's protection and only his is reliable. If you would like further help from me my email is open to you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Looks like a hospital is your best bet buddy.

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