Is he flirting with me......?

1.) I was bending down close to the floor one day close to this guy and his friend, and him and his friend were sitting at the lunch table, and this guy turns around and sees me and stands up...which would mean that his crotch was barely a half an inch away from my face...I jump up and say "Aaaawkwaaard." lol...

2.)We were at lunch and we were sitting on opposite sides of the table. He turns to his friend and says "Look at her, just look at her."

I look at him and give him and weird look then turn back to what I was looking at and he says..."Now shes staring off into space." I look at him and smile and he says to his friend. "Ooo, now she's giggling."...And so on...He kept doing it. He was pretty much describing what I was doing.

3.) One day in class (He sits next to me) I was hand signaling for a paper of his to see what he got as an answer. After I did this, he sees my hand and says "Oh." Then he puts his hand on top of mine and holds it there until I move my hand and say "No! I wanted the paper."...That's probably not the right reaction I should of used, but it was unexpected.

And, yes I like this guy.

We are both single.

We are both 17 (Juniors in high school)

I only see him at school.

Is he flirting with me???

And do you think this guy may have a thing for me???

Thanks a lot. : D

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ahahahaha, sure sounds like it!

    I know I sit by my friend/cursh in Math, and he's always trying tog et my attention, and I know that he's flirting then. xD

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